Indulge your Christmas with wine infused lip make-up

It’s winter and Christmas is almost here, and we all could use some hot cocoa and wine to uplift our mood and spirits. To be honest, most of us ladies would love a glass of wine every day. And it seems our secret desire has been communicated to Santa! He, in turn, catered it to a Korean beauty company, which has launched a wine-infused lip make-up range.


Yes, we feel your excitement.

Labiotte, a popular South Asian make-up brand, launched lip balms, gloss, and lipsticks in vibrant tints and shades to give you perfect wine-stinted lips without getting drunk! To make it even more appealing the brand has launched the surreal affair in small wine bottles – and we must say, it’s very classy.

Currently, the company is selling six different glosses in a variety of grape drink-inspired hues that capture various shades of the wine palette. From subtle pink to sexy burgundy and hot red – think of the colour and you have it.

We have already seen lip balms in doughnut flavour and Aishwarya Rai’s apocalipstick blunder at Cannes 2016, but nothing as wine intrigues ladies more. There are the usuals of chocolate, cinnamon, peaches and roses and bizarre ones like that of bacon and wasabi sauce – but this one is by far our favourite.

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