Indian Threads – ‘Style for every story’

Some people want to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them. From the most current trends right down to your everyday style essentials, each piece is impeccably crafted from the finest materials available. They spare no effort or expense at detailing and fine-tuning of each sample shipped, all the way to the neatly finished interior of each garment.


They are planning to expand in different product type by Jan 2017. Indian Threads would start manufacturing Tshirts, bottom wear, Indian wear, suits, blazer, accessories and Shoes, all in men’s wear, in next year.


Today they sell their product all over India though online website and all over Madhya Pradesh by multi-brand-stores. By Mar 2017, they plan to enter into Rajasthan and Maharashtra. And plan to sell over 10,000 shirts every month, by Mar 2017. Currently they are selling 6000 shirts every month.



Indian Threads is a bootstrap company but they are looking for the right investor to invest.

Their aim is to open a brand Store all over in India in next 5 years and expand the Indian Brand by exporting to different countries.


Abhishek Rawal & Vishi Porwa  (FOUNDER)

Abhishek Rawal- He is 22 years old and looks after the marketing and brand presence in market. Believes, the presentation and the value of brand is most important to attract the customers to invest in your product.

Vishi Porwal: He is also 22 years old and looks after the production. Believes in providing high end quality product to sustain the customer for long period of time and win the trust of buyer.

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