This Illustrator is Breaking Stereotypes for #NoShaveNovember

Why should boys have all the fun? We often find ourselves asking this every day, yet forget the quintessential facts about women’s every day struggles with HAIR. Yes, we’re talking about the much-hyped “Movember” or “No Shave November” which is currently popular amongst the men and posting regular selfies of their long beard/moustache with #Movember is quite a common sight.

Disha Pahnot tried and tested the similar campaign on women and we can’t be any happier than this. Her colorful full of life illustrations portraying female with growing hair and the urge to promote #NoShaveNovember amidst the women clan is what we’re totally crushing on!

Here are some of the quirky illustrations below:

Early morning yoga with unshaved body.


Grow hair, no care!




Armpits could be cool with those locks, right?


And when you’re losing out to give f*cks…


Hella Fun when you can wear hair as your leggings.


Don’t shave it till Dec darling


Keep chillin’ like a villain


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