The Holiday Survival Guide: 6 Essentials to Pack

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But with the holiday cheer comes stressful travel, family feuds and disrupted routines. We are here to lend a helping hand to your needs and cater to your innumerable problems. All you NEED this summer is a long Ice tea under the sun shade to sip your worries away. We’ve rounded up the 6 summer essential items to pack when you are heading for the much-awaited break.

Leggings or sweatpants

We can’t breathe without our quintessential leggings pivotal for the sightseeing and lets you relax in the best way. And your workout shouldn’t suffer even when you are travelling. So, keep a pair of the trendy galaxy leggings to add an edge and turn heads as you make a move 😉





We’ve grown so accustomed to smartphone photography that we’ve forgotten the advantages of a proper camera. Not only will the quality of your photos be better, using a camera will also help you disconnect from your cell phone, allowing you to pay more attention to your family and friends.

Earphones and Eye Mask



Don’t you leave them for a good night’s sleep which costs more than anything else, right?




Let the nostalgia hit you hard this time on your amorous escapade. Keep a good book handy and also take your favorite TV show or movie in the pen drive to double the fun.
Extra Bag
It always come handy to stuff your dirty laundry or beach wear. You can take it along on your shopping trips and place it on the bottom of your suitcase.



1.5Toiletries are an obvious must-have when traveling. Pack your essentials no matter where you’re headed, so you can stay fresh and clean on the go.

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