Here’s what stress can do to your Looks

If you want to improve your appearance, tackle your stress. Research shows that cortisol, the stress hormones that rage through our body in times of stress, can ruin your looks. “Chronic stress accelerates premature aging by shortening DNA telomeres.” Though helpful when running from a bear, stress is not beneficial for health and beauty.1

Here are some of the top stress-related beauty problems, and how to solve them for a more beautiful you.


Skin: Acne, breakouts, dry, or flakey

Cortisol causes inflammation, which can break down collagen, a major component of healthy skin. Stress hormones also cause an increase in oil production, cue acne. To combat skin issues, get hydrated. Aim for eight glasses of water a day, or throw in some tea for extra stress soothing powers and antioxidant qualities, which promote healthy skin.


Hair: Thinning, brittle, or lack luster

Severe stress is linked to unexplained hair loss and hair issues. Scientists think the body takes a pause from growing hair to focus on recovery. Do your best to eat protein rich, vitamin and mineral-filled foods. Since protein is the building block of hair, it’ll fortify your hair against the damaging effects of stress. Load up on things like greek yogurt, beans, and nuts.


Teeth: Plaque and gum issues, and bad breath

Stress hormones increase plaque production, and stress can lead to nighttime teeth grinding. Enhance your enamel by amping up calcium rich foods. You can tame teeth grinding with meditation. The healthier you eat, the healthier your insides, and your breath is more fresh from the inside-out.


Nails: Chipping, yellowing, and frail

Nails are a low priority for the body, which means they’re the last to get taken care of by your natural system. Stress takes the body’s energy away from nail growing functions when dealing with high-pressure situations. Give your nails a rest by making sure you get rest. When you get adequate sleep, preferably 7-9 hours a night, you allow the body to recover from daily stresses and then natural nail beauty doesn’t get left behind by the body’s own repair system.


Posture: Slumpy, and missing confidence

Slumped shoulders and bad body language, due to the wear and tear of stress that sits in and on your body doesn’t allow you to radiate confidence – chest held high, with the heart open and unafraid of the future. Incorporate exercise and yoga into your life to strengthen core and back muscles and lift your spirits. You can also tap into a meditation practice to feel the benefits of stress relief right away to lift your spirits, and your posture.


If you’re wondering how to improve what you see in the mirror, look within for solutions that can help you be beautiful for a lifetime.

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