Heavenly Bliss of Jaypore Natural Products

Crafted with natural ingredients, Jaypore Products has introduced a range of personal care products on their website. Made for convenient use, this natural range will beat any home remedy. It uses combinations, less thought of, the line includes face washes, scrubs, lotions and soaps. They revitalize the skin, giving a smoothening effect. The products are chemical-free which is why application is not at all harmful. Their price range falls between Rs.200 to 500, making them inexpensive. Although the quality is unmatched in the market of natural products.

Blends are made with unique combinations from charcoal mixed with orange for a scrub to a lemon and tulsi face wash.


We have picked out two of our favorites from their range:

Jasmine Body Lotion

This handcrafted moisturizing lotion is one of our picks as it’s freshly prepared and creates smooth and supple effect, gently absorbing in the skin and invigorating the senses. The aromatic lotion feels like a perfect day at spa and exudes jasmine fragrance.


Orange and Charcoal Facepack1.3

This scrub acts like a body polisher enriched with Vitamin E and Naturally exfoliates the skin, leaving a healthy and radiant impact. The rare elements used in this facepack helps repair the dead skin cells and works effectively on the ageing skin. The properties of this amazing product not only gives a fresh youthful feel to your skin but also improves the complexion and removes dark patches and tan. We give it a 10/10 J


After using these products, you will feel young, free-spirited and distressed so we highly recommend this personal care range. You can shop for all the products from www.jaypore.com


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