Healthy Travel Tips: Decoded


Who doesn’t love a good dose of adventure? Whether you’re going abroad or bouncing around the country or lusting for a mini staycation, it is so easy to fall into the vicious circle of airport concessions and decadent meals. Unknowingly, we all indulge in junk food to savor the flavor which ultimately leave you feeling sluggish, restless and and tired.

Here are a few tips on how to nourish your mind and body, especially when you are travelling. But worry not; we got you a bagful of useful tips and tricks to help shed those extra kilos.

  • Prepare guilt-free snacks1.2Avoid spending an arm and a leg at the airport by bringing a few bags of veggie sticks and another bag of Nut and Date Balls. Each of these is extremely nutritious and keep you hydrated all day long.
  • Veggie Lust 

    1.3Getting to fully experience the tastes of a new city is a high unlike any other and we suggest being smart about the way in which you eat your meals. – Be mindful of your eating order: start with a small salad and eat your vegetable side first, then eat the protein portion of the dish and finish with carbs (if you’re still hungry) Bask in the sun while you flaunt that slim waistline 😉

  • Adrenaline RushTake a cycle tour or even a running tour; it’s a great way to see a new city, meet great people, and find a few hidden spots. Skip la passé means of cab or trunks. It will gradually help you to shed those calories you feasted on.


  • Stay Hydrated1.5Always let comfort be your guide and drink hot or warm water throughout the day, especially in the morning! This is a super simple but very special Ayurvedic purification technique. Also, avoid super sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol when possible, we know it’s your much-awaited and deserved break after all.
  • Wake up Happy!1.6If you’re the type of person that rolls over in their bed and immediately reaches for your phone…put it down! Set your true north before you jump into the crazy of the day! Make sure you start the day with a lots of positive thoughts and embrace nothing but happiness <3
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