Greenr Store & Café: Experience experimental cuisine with a flavor of fashion

After having been to every hook and corner of the fashion capital of Delhi, Shahpur Jat, housing popular designers, niche cafés exuding a rustic appeal, you will explore Greenr Store and Café. It is also tucked in the quaint alleys of the little nest built on a two-storey building. The ground floor is dedicated to all things fancy incorporating the latest fashion pieces and accessories which are sure to sweep off the feet of modern urbane women. The second floor features ‘all-vegetarian’ ambience and menu but with a twist- experimental Californian inspired cuisine to promote healthy eating habits for natives and travelers.



The cozy and airy ambience adds to the element of homely feeling as you could spot plants and saplings all around. The place is indeed thoughtfully designed and the colorful furniture and paintings further adds to the charm of café. Also, you will be surprised to see the work stations which are built in the outer space (balcony) as a haven of peace for working people or even the bunch of college friends who could sip their coffee while staying close to nature and serenity.



The open-kitchen concept suits the café like none other and you can easily witness the chefs cooking with hygiene as you wait in the corner for your foodJ Oh yes, coming to the food, we were left gaping in awe as the man behind the concept greeted and provided the details of the otherwise unknown facts. Mohit, Founder of the Greener revealed the secret,’for the ‘meal-fury fans’ experimental cuisine is specifically named after non-veg dishes’ as he further added, ‘the objective is to promote such gourmet platters across uber-hubs in the city for vegetarians and of course, promote ‘vegetarianism’ as a whole’ The latter is not doing good to anyone, we feel the same!




The Meatless Meatball Pizza was the epitome of food orgasm, every slice was garnished and crafted to perfection. The distinct flavours of mushroom, brown rice and cheese melted in the mouth and could be savoured even after it was done. The perfect dish for vegetarians as the texture appealed to be very ‘meaty’ and non-vegetarians loved it equally as it didn’t miss the spice of meat/chicken on pizza.





Followed by the oh-so-delicious Vegan Sausage Pita Pockets satiated our taste buds with the cascading mayonnaise gently melting along with the mild avocados, beetroot and garnished veggies. The soft tender pita locked the healthy ingredients for a wholesome brunch and we would suggest you to accompany this with organic juices by Antidote. Don’t forget to splurge on the amazing collection of fashionable pieces of clothing and accessories to turn heads.



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