GoPro launches a drone, calls it Karma

Aptly titling its first-ever camera drone Karma, GoPro has taken a step into the future with their aerial product that can follow you around, literally anywhere. Well, almost.

The drone is completely foldable, with collapsible arms and landing pods that fit neatly into a compact backpack along with its gaming console-like controller. The entire drone has a battery life of 20 minutes and weighs just under two kgs, making it extremely portable and handy to carry when you’re hiking up a mountain or even river-rafting.

Karma allows users to experiment with the device via the orbit mode that lets the drone fly in circles around a fixed point, and even a dronie mode that moves the camera to create a cinematic swoop across scenery. Apart from an easy-to-use controller, Karma even has an auto-takeoff and landing mode, allowing users unfamiliar with drone technology to take to the product quickly.

Karma is fitted with a GPS unit within the drone as well as the controller, making it a fairly self-sufficient drone even when you’re not sending it commands from where you’re standing. As good as it looks though, we’d still have to see if it matches up to this amazing device.

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