Golden Glory

1Meet jewelry deigners Vinay and Anirudh Gupta of Shri Hari Diagems from the house of Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers of Dariba Kalan, Delhi (elstablished in 1789), who are known for their antique jewellery which is quite rare to be found and is truly idiosyncratic.

The duo creates jewellery as an art and pieces that require ancient forgotten techniques to preserve for generations. They also revealed to be working for Mughals who monopolized the craftwork but lately announced their father to become the advisor to the National Museum. They promote the sheer art od blending with the trend to move ahead of time always.



Shri Hari Diagems work is non-replicable not only in terms of craftsmanship but also the stone that they use are rarest to find which makes them stand out of the rest. Theu use Burmese rubies, Columbian emeralds, rose cut diamonds all of which are hard to source and require intensive labour and time. Anju Modi happened to visit the store of Shri Hari Diagems at Green Park and she was astounded to see the glorious work of art in the intricate jewel pieces and as she showed these pieces to Sanjay Bhansali, he immediately selected our label in the board of designers for the jewelry of Mastani (Deepika Padukone)



The label is targeting a niche audience of society who understands the old antique art forms and willing to pay the price for the same. With the onset of Bajirao Mastani extending to fulfill the gap and have created a low cost line for Pernia Pop-up Shop whereby they create affordable luxury for their new clients.

The House of Shri Hari Diagems is all about preserving traditional heritage art of design from the Mughal era. The karigars as a team try to find ways to retain these art forms and promote them in various international and national forums. Their pieces are also auctioned at Sotheby’s and Christis to promote the valuable Indian artform in the international market.



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