Go vibrant this summer with neon shades.

Florescent neon colors are hot, eye-catching and the most trending thing these days. Choosing colors like acid green, muted neon, hot pink, and electric can make you stand out in the crowd. Are you really scared to carry colors like this?  Do you think people will find you weird and stare at you? The first of rule of fashion says- you should not care at all what people think about you.

We all know summers are bright and sunny but who said you can’t wear neon’s in summer season. Do something different this summer, every year you either stick to floral prints or nudes. Why not going for neon’s this season.

Forget about the world and choose colors that will go well with your body type and skin tone. Pair these colors with softer and simpler tones. Do not go for too much matching. That will make a fashion disaster. Neon orange with black, electric blue with baby pink, grey with neon green, hot pink with white are some of the most suggested combinations. Not only attire, you can also go for neon shoes, bags, eye-makeup, nail paints, hair accessories and so on.

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