Go Classic with your living room this season

When it comes to trends, most of us succumb to at least one each season. Okay, maybe two to three, but who can resist? They’re cleverly crafted to tempt us with their of-the-moment designs and popular colors. The problem is that one day they’re in, and the next day these home décor trends are out. Who can possibly keep up? And there’s a difference between layering a couple of trends into a living room and letting your whole space be dominated by them. The key to getting the mix just right is designing a classic foundation first. Then you can pepper in a few of your favorite current pieces without throwing things off balance.

Here is what GNG brings to all our dear readers a thoughtful compilation of classic pieces to adorn our homes.

Take a look at these eternal trends that will never fade out of fashion:

Gallery wall


Layered Rugs

Embrace warmth and comfort with these pretty motif layered rugs that will instantly brighten up your home.


Metallic Play

Metallics will always have a place in our design hearts. They liven up a monochrome room and add shine to a dull space


Monochrome Magic

Just like in fashion, the classic combination of black and white will never go out of style in your home. Use neutral accents to layer your room in monochrome play of colors.

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