#GNGPicks: Best Films To Help You Get Through Heartbreak

Most of us have been down that road–the endless spiral of sorrow and despair that comes post a heartbreak. There are different ways to deal with heartbreak–some like to mope a while and let it all out and some like to go back on the prowl immediately after. But no matter what your choice of grief may be, it’s always best to have a celluloid companion to get you through a breakup. Here are 30 films that are a miscellaneous mix of films for those who’d like to remember what it was like, or keep their mind off it all together.


The Holiday (2006)

Because sometimes, all you need is a vacation!




Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Because in order to forget the love of your life, you need to be with someone who can make it easier and who better than your ex 😉




Annie Hall (1977)

Sometimes all you need is a dose of sanity but the right kind.




Queen (2014)

We just couldn’t miss out on this hilarious journey of going to the honeymoon alone. That’s right. Some things are just worth doing and Queen proves just that 😉




Kill Bill 1 and 2

Because sometimes, sweet revenge is all you need to prove that jerk you’re worth more than diamonds and gold 😛 Quite empowering too! A must watch ladies.




500 Days of Summer

Well, sometimes summer doesn’t work so why not try luck with autumn.




Eat Pray Love (2010)

Sometimes, you need to take a journey of self-evolution and find the meaning of your life.


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