Get yourself a floating house in Dubai


How about getting a nice sexy floating house for yourself? Yes we are talking about the new sea horse project that is happening this year. The information says that the project will be completed by the end of this year i.e. 2016. Dubai deals with beautiful luxury real estate projects. Out of all the sea horse project is the one which is mostly talked about these days.



The floating underwater project is an independent holiday home with three levels that includes the underwater level, sea level and the upper deck level. The underwater level is the bottom most level of the whole house and it comprises of the master bedroom, a luxury bathroom with transparent glass walls You can get amazing underwater view of the marine life- this includes the octopus, box fish, lion fish, shark, ribbon eels, sweet lips, mantra shrimps, moray eels, turtles and many more. The next level is the sea level which comprises of a bedroom, living room, lavatory and a magnificent dining room. The upper deck is packed with lounger, sundeck and various other relaxing settings. Wooh! This sounds so cool.




These exquisite floating sea horse homes is an ulta-luxury project which give you- suite bathroom, master bedroom, pantry cum kitchen, Jacuzzi, pool, mini bar with wooden flooring, thick glass wall all over. Have a look at some of the pictures and am sure you would want one for yourself very soon.




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