Get into your fitness mode with 2GO Athleisure wear

In the recent years, countless brands have tried to attempt a break-in into the world of athletic and leisure wear; an area almost always obsessed by the omnipresence of the cliché and alreadyexisting brands. It isn’t exactly the easiest nut to crack, and 2GO has attempted to do just that. With life changing products coming in various different styles, it’s going to be a hell of a wave that 2GO makes in the athletic, leisure, and the newly famous, athleisure sector in India.

2GO aims to give aspiring athletes both support and inspiration so that no athletic sport goes unnoticed and ignored in India. 2GO believes that like all gifted talents, being good in sports is something that needs to not only be rewarded, but also given enough training and growth in the right direction for it to successfully manifest itself. With a range of products made with inspiration taken from every corner of India, 2GO has something that other athletic brands don’t, the uniqueness that embodies India as a nation. The range of athletic and leisure wear takes into account every kind of sport.



Be it the precision required for running, walking, race-walking, track & field, road running, jumping & others. 2GO makes every athlete and aspiring athlete to be and look their very best. Amongst the many products that 2GO has there are bottoms, tops, and hoodies for both men and women, built with high quality material to make sure that wear and tear is your last problem. These products also come in various sizes, so no one feels left out on account of their body type.



If you’re an athlete, on your way towards a career in the sports, then 2GO will make that journey so much more personal and easier. If you’re an aspiring athlete, in your young training stage, 2GO is here to make sure that your outfit never holds you back. If you’re the lounge-addict, then 2GO has you covered. 2GO keeps in mind that sports and activities are on one side, and the time for leisure and relaxation is another. With some of the most comfortable lounge wear out there, you’ll experience what leisure is really supposed to be like. But at the end of it all, with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Mary Kom, Sania Nehwal, and a line-up of various athletes and sportspersons from every sport one could possibly imagine, India has given the world some talent to reckon with. 2GO not only identifies this talent, but also associates with it.



And you can too! After all, what’s the point of having these almost miraculous idols if we don’t pick up a few tricks from them? The all new 2GO is here to give you just the push that you’ve been waiting for. With all new products and completely new designs, 2GO will make you feel like an wholesome part of the race you’re on your way to winning.


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