Get Fashion High with High-Waist Trousers


How about showing some skin this winter in style? Yes, we are talking about high-waist pants, that are not just trendy but classy too when clubbed with crop tops, blazers and shrugs, says Abhishek Roy, a fashion designer.
Crop Craft

For a professional look add it with crop tops and finish it with towering heels to keep the elegance alive.

Tuck Trick

If winter skin show makes you uncomfortable and you are not too confident about showing your midriff, opt for a casual tee and tuck it in.

Blazer Blaze

Blazers and shrugs are great options to complete those high waist trousers. Add spunk with tank top and don’t forget to add statement jewelry for a neat look.

Feet Feel

Stilettos or nude pumps are the top choices for high-waist trousers. All you need to take care of is proper moisturisation of skin.

Accessories Alert
Let the skin show be your natural accessory. Keep the make-up subtle and accessories to the minimal. A stone ring or a statement ear cuff should do the trick.

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