G-Spot: Not Just Another Label

Woman empowerment is everywhere, so why not create a brand of it. Yes! “G-Spot” is a space created for every woman out there who is “bold and beautiful”, “smart & sexy”, and carries her sensuality in her own hands, yet grounded with her Indian roots. She has been understood here and by knowing her quirks we have come up with our very first product range, which is jewelry. Since jewelry is a second skin of a woman, and she can’t step out without a single piece of it, G-Spot is giving the most exclusive and uniquely handcrafted silver jewellery to make her spot and soul complete.


We have given a very raw and oxidized finish to most of our jewellery pieces just like our client’s persona, “raw sensuality”.2

Exclusively designed by our very own professional jewellery designer, Accessory & Jewellery Designer from National Institute of Fashion Technology and also a founder of our brand, Garima Kapil. Her vision is to make G-Spot a cult brand and with an artistic and creative approach a fashion spice have been added to each and every piece in our jewellery by manufacturing them from very well skilled artisans and craftsmen.




“She says our journey  will not be over here yet, and will be coming up with more sensual and sultry product range for our woman, and will be hitting her spot to make her feel contended” .“We all have the power to create something by exploring within first and then to connect the seemingly unconnected.”

The brand “G- Spot is poised to be the confidence within her when she realizes her femininity. The brand is ready to stimulate the radiance within her and celebrate her sexuality. The brand’s flagship first collection K Sutra line of jewellery helps today’s dame to flaunt her feminine persona and show the world that she is unstoppable.

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