Funniest Video ever: MUA contours using burrito will make you die laughing

Fat bitch problem number 347,🍔🌯🍟 when you’re such a fatty the only objects you have in front of you to contour with is a beefy crunch burrito, and a Mcdouble with Mac sauce. Let me tell y’all my McFivehead contour has never looked better! And when you don’t have a shovel to help guide you with your winged liner just use a French fry! I’m pretty sure using a French fry for winged liner will be the top trend of 2016, do you see how fierce my wing is?! Also peep the gorgeous new shade of Taco Bell lipgloss is! It’s called Diablo! The best burgundy gloss ever! And yes I know you’re all asking did you eat that food after contouring with it? I sure the fuck did! A fat bitch never lets any food go to waste. I hope my guide to contouring has helped you all successfully contour that perfect little chubby face of yours 😘 #makeuptutorial #makeupvideoss #justmakeupvids #brian_champagne #slave2beauty #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #cakefacevanity #peachyqueenblog #makeupvideosdailyx #allmodernmakeup #makeupcoach #melformakeup #makeuplolz #styletv #makeup #makeupvideosonly #makeupvids #skelotim

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The latest and possibly funniest video comes from Instagram user skelotim, who is known for his snack-inspired makeup looks and using a shovel to carve out his cheekbones. He recently posted a new tutorial, and it proudly celebrates his love of junk food as well as mocking the over contoured look. He uses a burrito and burger to sculpt, a french fry as a cat-eye template, and hot sauce as lip gloss.
Not only are his face expressions hilarious but it is also perfectly set to the backgroung song of Rihanna “Work”. Don’t forget to enjoy the funny video and head to your nearest Taco Bell for some trial 😛
Tap here to check out the full video:

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