Funky Props to Add a Pop in your Pre-Wedding Shoot

While most of you have experienced what it looks like to incorporate some peppy and quirky props at your Pre-Wedding or attended someone’s wedding ceremony. The ‘IT’ trend of bonding before your D-Day in the picturesque locations and getting clicked is breaking the internet but above all, the colorful balloons, bubbles, color bombs and such add to the lasting impression. Who doesn’t want to portray a perfect magical love story, props just help to accentuate the theme.

Take a look at our top listed props that you must get for that awesome blossom Pre-Wedding shoot.




Get a dose of nostalgia with an air of innocence and romance. Kindle the spark of togetherness and re-create the magic of your love with balloons. Candid clicks with levitation and picnics with your better-half or riding bike carrying balloons will instantly bring color, energy and joy to your pictures.

Blowing Bubbles



Is there any better way of re-visiting the old memory lane by blowing bubbles with your partner? We don’t think so. Sitting on a porch or beside a lake, on the rooftop of a scenic location, you can always that that charm by blowing bubbles for effervescent clicks.

Color Bombs


Our favourite prop to play with. Couples exuding positivity, happiness and romance holding colorful bombs. Strokes of pretty colors lighten up moods and the ambience is filled with natural glow. Try this on the beaches or hills for some artsy shots.



Under my um-bre-lla-ella-ella, Rihanna stucks our head. But, what if you kiss behind this awesome prop and cut a cute romantic shot. Too filmy right? Just a perfect resort for movie buffs, we bet. Play around with your umbrella, carry it upside down or you can always imitate songs like ‘Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua’ , ‘Tum Hi Ho’ to channel that Bollywood freak in you.

Frames & Quirky Banners


How about notching up your cool quotient with some exciting frames and posters with puns. Totally a smashing idea for fun-loving couples who love to go crazay with their beloved muffins. You can always try some interesting poses using such props and get the pictures framed adorning your bedroom walls.

Candies & Cupcakes


Just the sweetest way to announce your Wedding Dates. Pose, click and munch the cupcakes away for happy you and happy tummy too. After all, love is the sweetest medicine to cure your boring life and candies do exactly the same. Don’t believe us? Munch it J



Not just for nerds because we know how to pep it up. Announce your Wedding Dates by ‘Save The Date’ concept on your book or just add some pun about each other to add that funny quotient.  For vintage lovers, you can use this prop like ‘DDLJ’ famous poster feauring Kajol with a  book and SRK with a guitar which leads us to another cute prop.



Yes, literally the most romantic musical instrument ever since our favourite heart-throb played it. Who else that SRK could ignite fire in our hearts with that mouthpiece and guitar trying to woo a girl just like us. Never mind, you can always put that style into your pictures for an everlasting love for DDLJ and your love.



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