Frame Your Wedding Dress in the Picture Perfect Way

This is probably the most special and precious piece of dress you’re ever going to wear. And since there might be loads of pictures featuring you donning the perfect wedding ensemble, all set to welcome a new phase of life, we are going to share a few quirky ideas of how to click a picture of two dedicated solely to your wedding piece.

In case you’re wondering about those regular monotonous shots in the corset, they have become la passé and it’s time for you to get some fresh breathable ideas. Take a look here:

Out in the open



How about hanging your lehenga on the hanger nailed to the outdoor background serving as a natural yet evergreen pretty picture. We just love the pop of colors added on shades of pink. Nature is truly mesmerizing and this frame does complete justice to the shot, what do you say?

The Royal Affair


There’s nothing royal than a huge majestic fort in Udaipur where this grand wedding of Richa and Hitesh took place. The Sabyasachi lehenga basks in all it’s glory with just the right amount of color play and intricate ornate background. We are getting princess vibes here. And the bride oozing charm and beauty makes it all the worthwhile.

Vintage please?


As they say, you can never go wrong with anything vintage. This background proves just that. The aqua therapy and morocco style ambience adds elegance to the astonishing custom-made lehenga. The heavy ornated and embellished necklace rests elegantly on the handle of the blue door makes for a super pretty picture too.

Rustic Set-Up1.5

If you are staying at a place with such a pretty rustic background, all you need is a good camera to capture your wedding trousseau for life! The bright pink with turquoise detail lehenga pops up in a dingy background and we bet you shall always fall in love with your lehenga no matter how old you get.

Against the door1.6

A classic picture of your memorable dress shall be clicked against the door of your house or room to make you nostalgic. The flood of memories will hit you hard on seeing the picture of your lehenga hung against the door where you cherished unforgettable memories with your loved ones, won’t you?


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