Forget Scrunchies, this new Hair Accessory will make you go weak in your Knees

Got five minutes, a messy mane and a party to attend? The new trend in hair accessories will let you take your casual top knot to a night out. It’s called the bun cuff, and it’s everything a lazy girl or a not-so-lazy girl having a bad hair day has been asking for.

What’s a bun cuff? They’re pretty little metallic loops that add sophistication to an otherwise undone hairstyle. Start with looking at celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s collaboration with Chloe + Isabel. The collection of headpieces includes barrettes, pins and convertible bun cuffs that can be worn as a bracelet too. Roll up your locks into a scruffy chignon and simply clasp it with an embellished, jewel-crusted or a metallic cuff.




















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