Food Review: Lagom Kitchen, Gurgaon


Reviewing restaurants is always fun. It becomes double exciting when you are a big foodie. This time Gng team got a chance to go to Lagom Kitchen, Gurgaon for food review.


The place has an amazing rustic ambience. The whole area is well decorated with beautiful neon lights everywhere. The bar is pretty long and very nicely decorated with wine bottles in all the corners. The sitting arrangement is so beautifully done. Whichever place you chose to sit you will get to see the bar from every corner. The couches had dark shades which perfectly contrasted the rustic environment. The combination of wood and metal work they used for the furniture’s were really something that you will look up to.

H84A0384As soon as I reached the place I was served with some wonderful lip-smacking food items and drinks. Red wine and the fresh beer they served were the specialty of the place.
Sea foods are always delicious. The prawn served on the table was something that caught everybody’s attention. It was not a simple prawn recipe. The prawn was dipped in seasum sauce. It was cooked very finely. The softness and the good taste says it all. After the prawn it was the mouth-watering paneer tikka for all the vegetarians. Chicken wings served with the Russian dip served on the plate looked really different from the other dishes served. The beer served with essence of chocolate was something that I loved the most. It was unique and sweet. Guys if you are really tired having the same old beer in the beer mug you have on Saturday nights, then guys you should try out something new and Lagom Kitchen apparently gives you all the best and the unique items to try. Not only is this if you are continental and Italian cuisine lover then Lagom Kitchen the best option for you. So guys what are you waiting for? Take your friends and family out in one of the coolest place in town.H84A0339

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