Up Your Flawless Skin Game with Blurring Sticks

With ageing striking you out of nowhere and killing you each day with an appearance fo fine dull lines and wrinkles and such. We got a savior for you ladies- Blurring Sticks. Qith an easy creamy formula, it helps reduce the ageing victims and makes your skin radiant and flawless as ever. We checked out some brands who have introduced this miracle product and thought of sharing them with you.

They are portable, they get rid of shine, and they smooth things out, makeing eye-sores, well, just plain less visible to your eyes within seconds. Keep scrolling to check a few out now.

Estee Lauder: Pore Vanishing Stick



This stick glides on and will minimize the look of your pores and any shine you’re experiencing. The bonus is that you can also use it alone, as a primer, and over your makeup.

Catrie Prime & Fine Anti Shine Blur Stick


This is a good mattifier as it helps to minimize the pores and fine lines. It’s a perfect for days when you feel like doing “meh”.


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