Flamboyant Vintage Costumes From Period Films Will Skip Your Heartbeat

Period dramas are those deliciously decadent, other-worldly gorgeous visual stunners which leave the best of us fantasising about a different time and place for the entire week that follows. For those who do not want to endure an entire television show or film about the bygone era, we drew up a list of the most stunning period drama costumes ever. Prepare to drool.


The Young Victoria

This film had so many stunning gowns, it is hard to pick one. But, we chose the elaborate wedding gown primarily because it is, perhaps, the only gown from the film which also looks great from up close.




The Wedding Dress, Marie Antoinette

The extravagance of the French queen was well documented through the shoes, gowns, feathers, and general opulence of every outfit. The outrageous wedding dress (which would have needed its own chair) was no different.




Kiera Knightley’s gorgeous hat, The Duchess

Keira plays a glamorous Duchess, Georgiana, who is the centre of attention at every party, in old English society. Her costume reflects 18th century glamour and flair.





Deepika Padukone’s brilliant anarkali in Deewani Mastani

This film featured Deepika Padukone as Mastani, who was a character with part-Muslim descent. Her brilliant shimmery anarakli took our heart away (literally) and we can’t stop staring at her in this song where she danced in no-makeup.


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