Fight the Coronavirus

As you are probably aware by now, after news of positively identified Coroa Virus cases in India have reached the hundreds here in India and over approx. 100,000 all over the world. Although the mortality rate is supposed to be less than 1 5 % meaning, less than 15 % of  those infected with are likely to die, that number is inconsistent, as over 3000 are dead already and may  change as the northern hemisphere gears up for Spring Showers where moist cool conditions may fuel more mutations or infection spikes. But first what is the Corona virus?

The CoronaVirus is so named as it resembles a Corona or a crown of Peplomer spikes on its outer surface, or envelope in an Electron Microscope photograph. These were first identified in 1966 in infectious Bronchitis Chickens and nasal cavities of two humans afflicted with a common cold. As with most viruses the virus enters and latches onto Ribosomes to replicate.

The 2019 CoronaVirus or nCOVID19 spreads through respiratory droplets, so if you se anyone coughing or sneezing please maintain a safe distance of atleast 2 M,  else exercise sterile caution by washing and , face and arms that had contact inside tightly backed habitats such as Metro or airplane cabins. You can also wear masks like N95 which do not get wet, and can be disposd and replaced. The virus has a zoonotic origin, probably from Pangolins, bats, pigs, chicken or migratory birds. Detection is thorugh WHO recommended reverse Polymerase chain reaction techniques. Symptoms include cough, fever and shortness of breath. Secondary infections like Bronchitis may also occur. There is no vaccine yet, or antiviral treatment so rest, clean hygiene, anti bronchitis medicine cough syrups, brothy foods like Chicken Soup ginger and honey are recommended, plus ofcourse reporting the malaise to a doctor as soon as possible.

Although some analytical models predict that over 90% of human population may become infected with the virus, that does not mean all of them die, or even get infected in the first place, as the contagion and zoonotic origin can be isolated. Its as simple as blocking the respiratory droplets of cough and sneeze and other body fluid from making contact with healthy individuals, although that is hard. Be sure to disinfect every object that came in contact with infected individual. Report to a healthcare provider, and seek assistance. You can also Google up CDC and WHO guidelines, such a susing 60% alchohol based hand sanitizer ,  for further information.

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