Feeling Zen at R The Spa

R The Spa 1smSpread across 20,000 square feet of space is Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, New Delhi’s latest addition to the enchanting luxurious space called R The Spa. Designed as a three level
affair, the Spa boasts a state of art fitness studio and yoga centre, several private suites for massage and therapeutic treatments, as well as a world class beauty salon and barber shop.
Walking into the Spa, the first thing to strike you is the sense of peace and serenity; softly muted voices, a gentle fragrance of rose petals, smiling faces and a bubbling fountain to set it off… ah the mind begins to calm already.

R -The Spa copysm

As I entered the wellness complex of the hotel and learnt a little more about the treatment I wassuggested to take, the director at R The Spa helped me get familiarised with the place by giving a short tour around the wellness centre. To be a holistic rejuvenating experience, a Spa needs to cater to each and every aspect of the body and mind. This process takes place in three stages, rejuvenation, relaxation and finally replenishment. The centre is spread across three floors, a modern well equipped gym and a yoga room to kick start the metabolism in those muscles. The spa floor consists of several treatments packages; and lastly a salon on the lower most floor to help the guest look their best.

Stone therapysm

I decided to take a 90 minute synergy spa treatment which was a mix of a different massaging
techniques and practices. It had a combination of short and long strokes, activation of my
chakras, and also worked as an anti-stress, acupressure treatment which helps the body regain
its lost strength. My masseuse took me to my spa suite, which was nothing short of one of their
five-star rooms. After becoming comfortable in my room, my masseuse asked me a set of
questions about the preferred pressure I would like, and if I suffer any ailments. I think this is extremely crucial for every spa, as we’re dealing with the body, it’s absolutely necessary to know its limits. I changed into a bathing robe, and sat in the suite’s front room where I was given a gentle pedicure before I settled into my spa bed.

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The main room was perfectly lit, the bed was soft, and the suite was crystal clear. As I lay down for 90 minutes of heaven, there was soft music in my ears which was just the right tone to help me unwind. The service, right from the minute I entered till the minute I left, was absolutely hassle-free and warm. My therapist cum masseuse was from Mizoram; she was courteous,
efficient and humble and I think by the end of 90 minutes, we might have become good friends.
She paid special attention to my aching calf muscles, and my stiffened shoulders caused due to
the city lifestyle. I was invigorated and refreshed after my 90 minutes of zen-like state and wished this day never ended.

Spa Suit 3sm

The general atmosphere at the spa is so inviting, that one feels welcome and at leisure. The spa has various treatments for a jetlagged tourist, or even an over worked office goer. An appointment with the therapist can help you figure out the exact treatment your body needs. The spa also has a hydrotherapy section, which I found to be extremely interesting. This luxurious treatment given in aqua suite exclusively designed for complete body detox helps to detoxify and re-mineralize your skin. Abundant amount of proteins and vitamins are released for maximum effect after awarm micronized seaweed is applied to the body. You are then cocooned in a warm, water blanket and gently lowered into a relaxed state of weightlessness, taking the mind on a blissful journey. Our fantastic dry float treatment allows you to experience the almost weightless state known as passive immersion. This induces complete relaxation of the joints and muscular system. It creates an occlusion pressure, which significantly increases the skin’s absorption rate.

I high recommend this specially to travellers and jetlagged tourists visiting Delhi for a short stay, looking for some relaxation before they hit the streets. The proximity to the Airport just adds to its level of comfort and they even have Spa suites if you wish to check in for just a few hours! What’s not to love? It’s impossible to walk out of this place feeling the same way you came in. R The Spa is the right blend of contemporary luxury used traditionally to provide comfort. It’s where stress is just a six letter word and feeling calm and positive is an everyday state of being.

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