Feeling the script : Anees Bazmee

Big budgets, big stars and big doses of masala are his forte and director Anees Bazmee admits candidly that he has no intention of ever making a realistic film with a message because his job is essentially to make people laugh. ‘I like making larger than life films because I feel films and reality are two different things and they should be treated differently. I like it when my film has a big budget, a grand scale, big actors so that when people go to see the film, they forget all their worries and just get entertained,’ Bazmee said.

I don’t want to educate people and I don’t want to give a message. I feel my job is to make them laugh. It is also a big thing because today our day-to-day life is filled with so many tensions that people hardly laugh. ‘People spend so much money to watch a film, so they deserve entertainment. I think the fantasy we sell through films makes people forget everything about their real lives,’ he added.

After blockbusters like ‘No Entry’, ‘Welcome’ and ‘Singh Is Kinng’, the director is ready with ‘No Problem’, another multi-starrer, big-budget film that releases Friday. Produced by Anil Kapoor, the fun flick has a host of big stars – Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty, Sushmita Sen and Akshaye Khanna. Along with them features Kangana Ranaut.



Unlike others, Bazmee doesn’t feel audiences’ taste has changed in terms of movies. ‘Audience taste is same. They just want entertainment. This factor has not changed over the years,’ said the director who also claims that he doesn’t serve cheapness in the name of comedy. ‘In all the comedy films that I have written, I never wrote double meaning dialogues, never tried to make it vulgar. My intention has been that the entire family should be able to see it together. My target audience is not a specific set of people. I want everyone to like the film,’ he said. Bazmee also specified that Anil was more of an actor on the sets than a producer.

It was a tough job to write because same type ki film banaata toh lagta Welcome hi waapas bana di. It couldn’t be too different either. I had to write something that was Welcome and also ‘not Welcome’. I think I managed to bring in some newness here. If you look at my films, my characters are generally sober and comedy is happening around them. Audience need to laugh even when characters are serious. What’s the point if they are laughing and audience are getting bored? Woh sasti writing hai and jinko writing ki samajh nahi hai, woh aisa likhte hain.


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