#FashionBuzz: Check out how these two-Mumbai based designers are e-defining fashion

The Plavate
From creating natural dyes with onion peels to using natural fabric to make totes, two new city-based fashion labels are taking the organic, eco-friendly route to style. Meenu Tiwari, passionate women entrepreneur nurturing her 6-month-old fashion baby, The Plavate is gaining momentum in the City Of Dreams as of now.
She started off her journey 3 years back and amazingly learnt the tricks and trades of the industry. But the challenge was to resume her passion for fashion parallel with her regular advertising job. From cow dung to tea leaves, onion peels, turmeric and other fruits and vegetables. To derive a natural dye, the coloring agent needs to be boiled and strained. For Tiwari, designing is nothing short of being in a chemistry lab, experimenting with a variety of ingredients to obtain desired results.

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Bhumika and Jyoti
If you step into Bhumika & Jyoti, a designer store launched last month on the bustling Juhu Tara Road, you may spot a clutch, whose laces resemble the embellishments in a lehenga, a green dress that looks similar to a pair of platform heels or pretty butterfly motifs perched on both, an umbrella and a tote.
Touted as India’s first zero waste concept store, it’s been launched by city-based entrepreneur Bhumika Chheda and her childhood friend, TV actor and designer Jyoti Mukerji.
Hailing from the garment export business, Bhumika would see a lot of fabric side cuts going to waste and unconsciously, we, too, were responsible for exploiting the city in a way.










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