2016 Fabulous trends will kick your wardrobe into it’s coolest and sexiest era yet. From denim-on-denim to sequins, there are tons of trends in the monsoon 2016 collection.

Some of the favorites are :


  1. Chunky sandals- Sandals are obviously on the top of your shopping list. These chunky and quirky sandals are perfect for the current temperature. They keep our feet cool and comfortable. From shiny silver to basic white or black, everything is available on streets and stores.


  2. Cold shouldered tops- Cold or Off Shoulder tops have been a bang on trend this year. They can make us look pretty to edgy instantly. Choose the right one for a playful appearance.


  3. Monochromes- Sleek and sophisticated monochrome is still a big trend. You can awash with gorgeous black and white pieces. Geometric and simple contrasts is adding freshness to it.


  4. Backpacks- Out of all the bags in the world, aren’t backpacks the most awesome ? From leather accents, stylish boho or even a canvas one, the options are endless.


  5. Canadian Tux- Denim this time is up a notch with patterns, acid-washing and textures. It is emerging as 2016 hottest trend. Dark denim jeans and light denim top is the most flattering way to go.
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