Fashion Steals from your Mom’s Wardrobe

They say history tends to repeat itself, and that’s also very true about fashion. Apparently, fashion trends go round and come back again. Young fashionistas take advantage of this fact — they prefer not to shop for modern pieces of clothing in fancy boutiques but to look for cool items from the ’60s and ’70s in their mothers’ wardrobes. You should try this too because your mother was most certainly one of the best dressers in her class.

Off Shoulder Maxi Dress


It seems like extra-long dresses and skirts never go out of style. Have you noticed that it’s been one of the most popular fashion trends for a couple of seasons? This season, designers advise wearing off-the-shoulder items. If we combine two of these trends, we will get those maxi dresses that our mothers used to wear in the ’70s.

Suede Miniskirts


Again, directly from the ’70s, meet short skirts made of suede or imitation suede, often made with a patchwork technique. Previously, they were worn with heavy wedges. Now such skirts easily go with a pair of ordinary sandals.



Long or short, made of denim, thick, or light fabrics, plain or colored with prints — they are back again. Different versions of overalls were popular until the early ’90s, so you can probably find a pair in your mother’s or older sister’s wardrobe.

Knitted Tunics


Missoni dresses and tunics and other similar handmade versions were there in the wardrobe of every self-respecting fashionmonger of the ’60s. The fashions of the ’60s are back again — now you can wear such a tunic if you’re planning to go for a walk on the beach.

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