Expert tips for monsoon skin care

Welcome monsoon with open arms, as it gives relief from excruciating summer heat, but don’t forget to protect yourself from after effects of monsoon.

From applying a moisturising lotion immediately after bath to taking a shower in lukewarm water, there are many ways to protect your body and have a flawless skin during monsoon.

Usually it gets difficult to predict how the skin will behave in monsoon, therefore making it difficult to follow a set skin care routine. Sadhan Nigam, a skincare expert shares some tips to help your skin have a happy monsoon.

Myths Mirror: There is a common belief that monsoon skin problems are due to sweating. While this does cause problems, fluctuating humidity is also likely to cause sporadic and patchy dryness on the skin. In addition to this, the ultraviolet rays penetrate through cloud covers and continue inflicting damage on unprotected skin. It is therefore important to use moisturizing lotion with SPF properties even in the monsoon.

Moisturisation Mantra: The fluctuating humidity during monsoon affects the body’s ability to retain moisture consistently and effectively. Using a lightweight lotion based moisturizer helps skin retain its natural moisture and nourishes it from deep within.

Dos and Don’ts
– Must not take cold war shower, and opt for lukewarm showers to not strip moisture from the skin.

– As a hot shower strips your skin of moisture, applying a moisturising lotion immediately after bath works well for your skin.

-Use an antifungal dusting powder in between your toes and in the folds of your skin to prevent sweating and fungal infections.

Sunscreen Essential: One must use a light textured sunscreen that is double blocking with a minimum SPF of 15, depending on your comfort level. Using a sunscreen is also easier as you do not sweat as much and hence, your skin can get maximum benefits.


Quick Tips

Follow these quick skin care tips and never let your skin have a dull moment.

1. Always use sunscreen even on a cloudy day to avoid your skin from ultra harmful rays.

2. Avoid heavy makeup during the monsoon. Use water proof make-up and don’t forget to remove them properly at the end of the day. Also, make sure you store all the products hygienically in a cool, dry place.

3. Let your skin breath and keep it free from excess oil and dirt. It will help to avoid fungal infections.

4. Drink abundant amount of water to keep the skin glowing.

A good skin care regime along with a nutritious diet will make sure you are always ahead of those dingy clouds. So make sure you follow these simple steps that will ensure you glow your way through the most dull and gloomy days of the year!


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