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Executing Goals: Struggle and Success with weight lossTwo weeks ago I began my Mum Challenge. If you’re just joining me, please feel free to catch up here! If you’re all up to speed, let’s dive into week two…

Why is it that week two is always more challenging than week one?! Don’t get me wrong, I had some encouraging success this week. I saw the scale go down, I began tracking all of my food and I continued to work on my two goals from week one. I’d say that’s successful!

However, I did not get the workouts in that I wanted to. I had high hopes of getting two workouts in, but with a hectic schedule, that just didn’t become a reality this week. However, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up, it just means I’m rolling that goal over to this week, and no excuses, it will be achieved!! I’ll turn to the amazing repertoire of workouts on Skinny Mom for a little online pep talk, and will commit to doing this circuit this week.

On top of that, over the weekend we purchased an awesome new bike trailer to take our two little ladies for a nice long ride, so if the weather cooperates (lots of rain in our forecast this week), I hope to get out and about for a nice family ride to kick off the very chilly spring season here in Canada.

And to up the ante, I’ll add another goal for myself this week which is water, water, water! Some days I’m great at drinking lots of water, and other days I struggle. No real reason, I just don’t always make a conscious choice to consume the calorie-free goodness. This week, I will drink more water!


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