Why is everyone going berserk over this Pakistani Newlywed Bride

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And that’s exactly what Huma Mobin, a newlywed bride from Lahore, Pakistan, did on her honeymoon.

Mobin and her husband, Arsalaan Sever Butt had been married for seven months and were all set to go to Greece. But as luck would have it, Butt’s visa was not approved. Since, the trip was all paid for and practically everything was set, Mobin decided to go without her husband.

So there she was, on her honeymoon accompanied by her in-laws. Although, miserable at first, Mobin decided to make the most of her unusual situation. So she did what every woman on her honeymoon alone would do — click adorable pictures and that showed her husband how much she was missing him!









The lady clicked all these cute pictures as she missed her better half all the way on her trip and further added, she would want the Greek Embassy to see her pictures. As adorable as it gets, don’t you agree?








We understand Huma, we really do but most of all, we are glad that you clicked them pictures and made the world know of your Queen style Honeymoon!

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