Embrace No Shave November with Style

Dear Men from all-over, if you’re regretting over your long messy non-maintained beard, flaunt it unapologetically. Yes, it’s THAT TIME OF THE YEAR- Movember. Unite your fellow mates and bask in the glory of alternate showers, long messy beards because we are in love! Just in case, you are wondering what style to keep this season, we will help you sort this up for you. Started in 2004, Movember Foundation Charity with it’s aim to raise awareness about the prostate and testicular cancer, it used to rasie charity from men all over the place and hence “Movember November” became a thing.

Now, that you know the history, trend and celebrities flaunting it with panache, check our list to groove in the cool beard style ever.

Welcome the 80’s


Reminding us of the 80’s rockstars sporting long blonde hair with this ultimate desi version of Uttpal Dutt’s moustache. So crazy that no one is going to take you seriously, we bet you.



This Flemish painters inspired moustache and beard has a goatee attached to it, with all the other hairs on the face shaven.

Tamed Untamed


Inspired by the musician Frank Zappa’s infamous moustache, unkempt beard look with tamed moustache for men who want a mixed look.

Hands Up


The most stereotyped moustache whiskers that are typically bushy, thick and drop over the mouth. For those who think it’s highly familiar, yes, it’s Pablo Escobar.

Golden Era Beard


The only distinction from your everyday beard and HOLLYWOOD beard is that it doesn’t have sideburns.

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