Embrace your frizzy hair This Monsoon

What if we tell you that it’s super-easy to style your frizzy hair and flaunt those messy boho tresses in style. Yes, you read that right. We bring to you an ever-enchanting messy styling tips which are going to blow up your mind and make him swoon … quite literally!
Forget the smoothening serums, work up the volume with texturizing spray and mousse and learn to love your crazy hair.
Baby Bangs1.1It’s a bold proposition, but getting micro-short bangs is the quickest way to transform an unremarkable cut. The cool-girl fringe can be blunt or choppy, but one thing it isn’t? Glossy. Add some sea salt spray to rough it up.
Bobby-pin bun1.2As messy knots get messier, it’s okay to let odd ends stick out and leave bobby pins exposed. It’s as easy as rolling out of bed, pulling your hair back in a low bun and tucking away the short layers with a hair slide.

Wind in my hair
1.3The thing with surf-texture hair is that it looks better down. So the next time you’re at the beach, put on texturising mousse for height and structure, and then let your hair do its own thing.
Boho braid1.6Nailing the perfect messy French braid is an odd way to go for during monsoon showers. So, let loose those bangs from your messy French braid and secure them in a ponytail for a laidback bed head bohi braid look.

Crimped ponytail1.7
Kinks are good, in fact you should play with the crimper, it is so cool and so in these days. All you need to do is add volume to your tresses and lift it from the roots, so you get easy, manageable flat and non-greasy hair.

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