Embrace Boho Chic Hairstyles like Bollywood Divas

Bollywood celebs, with their trusted coterie of stylists, are always spotted with the perfect clothes, makeup, and hairdos. Even though us lesser mortals cannot afford to look exactly like the Bollywood brigade, we can recreate some of the easy bohemian hairdos spotted on them, which are perfect for days when you have dirty or greasy hair!

Long messy waves, braids, twists, and volume are signatures of romantic bohemian hairstyles. And, if you know how to do basic braids and simple twist and rolls, then you’re good to go. Here are a few celebrity boho hairstyles you can try out yourself.

Sonam Kapoor



Try out this hairstyle by parting your hair in the middle and combing through to get rid of any tangles. It’s easy and comfortable. You can pull off the feminine side by pinning the curled bangs on each side with cute hair accessories.


Look 2: It’s relatively fancy and chic. Braid your hair from each side till you reach at the bottom of your back, start ruffling them up in a bun. Twist and roll the lower half of your hair at the bottom and pin it securely.

Deepika Padukone


If you have straight hair, then you may need to create some texture in your hair first for this one. You can either use a curling iron to loosely curl the hair towards the roots, or use a texturizer and scrunch your hair to create some volume near the crown.

Alia Bhatt




If you suck at making braids, then this hairdo is a simple way to try the boho trend. On your left, take two separate locks of hair from the front, and individually twist them till you reach the side of your head.

Aditi Rao Hyadri


If you have long hair, then start by making a simple side braid with a small portion of your hair at the very front. Secure it with a rubber band like you would for a regular braid.


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