Elena Kazan’s Bigg Boss survival strategy revealed !

In an exclusive chat with Glam & Glaze, bollywood actress Elena Kazan talks about her survival strategy in the Bigg Boss house Season 10 and what disappoints her in life.

  1. What made you accept the Bigg Boss proposal?
    It’s an interesting challenge, an iconic show that had been on air for past 10 years and a great opportunity to connect to a large number of people.pb__2030-a-a
  2. What will be your strategy for survival in the house?
    (Smiles) Well I will summarize it in three words-Improvisation, Humour, and Yoga.
  3. What keeps you happy and focused in life and what disappoints you?
    I am usually pretty happy and positive about life. I love travelling and talking to people, I love learning new things. Even just stepping out of the house in the morning and feeling the sun on my face can make me happy. Dishonesty disappoints me; I just can’t stand fake people.pb__2154-a-a
  4. As Bigg Boss house involves varied tasks, what keeps you occupied at home, when you are not working?
    To be frank, I am usually busy unpacking and packing my suitcases from my travels. Or doing laundry and cooking. So I love staying at home, especially after a hectic travel schedule this year.pb__2161-a-a
  5. What are your expectations from life and future?
    I am in the correct time and place; all I am pushing for is to become a better actor, increase my patience level and be little more kind in life. It really works in long term for your inner peace.pb__2255-a-a-a-b

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