#EditorPicks: Kickstart your Holiday Season with these best books

A holiday season is never complete for readers without having read at least 5-10 books in the warm and cozy comfort of their house or during their travels from place to place. There’s no set list of books that one should read during the holiday season, but if you can pick books that move you to tears, make you laugh, drive you crazy, and make you wonder, it’s a success. Here’s a reading list that we propose to you for the holiday season. Give them all a try.

Eat Pray Love

Follow one woman’s incredible journey across India, Italy, and Indonesia in search of her true self, and find yourself examining your own life and thinking about where you wish to take it in the future.


Mrs. Funnybones

Former film actor Twinkle Khanna, who is also the wife of actor Akshay Kumar and daughter of actor Dimple Kapadia, bares her life experiences on paper with a generous sprinkling of humor, which makes the book highly entertaining and insightful.


A house for Mr. Biswas

Find yourself immersed in this magnificent tale of an Indo-Trinidadian man who tries desperately to succeed but fails repeatedly. He finally settles on owning a house as his ultimate goal and fights to achieve it.


In Other Words

Follow Jhumpa Lahiri’s journey from being fascinated by the Italian language to mastering it over a period of years. Jhumpa’s passion for the Italian language shows through on every page as she grapples to master the language and find her voice in it.


Sons and Lovers

Revisit the early twentieth century, but this masterpiece is a lovely read for any holiday season. It takes us through the life of a Paul Morel, a wonderful young man and budding artist.6

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