Easy DIY Candles

Kit it Right


The first thing you must focus on before making the scented candle is the candle making kit. You must ensure that the products you are getting are of good quality, so that the candle is made with perfection. You need to get wick, molds, wax, thermometers, double boilers, candle dye and the most important, fragrance. You must also get small quantities as starter and then get more quantities later when you seem to master the first level.


Start Low


As a beginner, you must go for the simple candles first. Trying to make the fancy, complicated candles, might hamper your confidence. Starting with a small simple candle boosts your confidence while making the best scented candles in India.


Wick Up!


Wick is the most important part you need to focus on while making the best scented candles in Delhi NCR. You must get the assembled wicks and cut them a little longer than the candle. You can trim them later if needed, but a smaller wick might get lost and make the candle of no use.



If you want to master the art of candle making, you have to learn it from somewhere. There are a lot of online platforms that give you the step by step process of candle making. the candle enthusiasts also plan workshops from time to time which you can attend to get a clear and better idea of making luxury scented candles in India.

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