Ease down your first date conversation with 4 easy Questions

There is a long list of taboo topics when it comes to first date conversations. Exes, future plans, sexual kinks and fantasies, whether you want kids or not… basically anything that is relevant to a relationship is a no-no for the first time you go out with someone new. Of course, you don’t want the first time to be heavy and serious, or shallow and frivolous. But with so many don’ts, we’re left scratching our heads for appropriate conversation topics. So, here are a few to make sure that you don’t have any awkward silent moments.

Dog Person vs Cat Person

This seemingly benign conversation can actually tell you a few things about the kind of person your date is. A dog lover is usually more extraverted compared to a cat person, who is generally more analytical and intellectual. You can take the conversation further by asking which one of the two the person identifies with, and why. They say that the animal they identify with the most, is how they view the world.

Personal Interests

Asking their favourite movie, or show, or book is step one. Their point of view about the story, characters, and even why they watch movies or shows, or read books can tell you a lot about them. For example, some people watch movies for intellectual stimulation, while others watch them to tune away from everything else. The former can be explored, and can tell you about the kind of things that capture their attention, while the latter is an example of how they cope with life’s stresses.

Relegion and Spirituality

Yes, it’s a complicated and a sensitive issue. But, it’s crucial that you at least get an idea of their religious and spiritual beliefs early on, to avoid any unpleasant surprises later. A non-believer and a believer are unlikely to get along and build a good relationship, making the difference a valid deal breaker.

Work Ethics

Do they work for money, or passion? Or have they found the balance? How many hours do they put into work? What do they do when they’re not working (yes, this qualifies as still talking about work, and well, can lead you to other safe topics).

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