Earthly Creations

Only an avid painter can have thought of such a great idea of returning back to the nature by more beautifying it! Harpreet had interest in pottery so to make it look alive she started her own terracotta pottery line named Earthly Creations, and hired 40 potters to make a masterpiece. She is into turning interiors and exteriors a place to get crazy of.

The Brand –

Quitting her established corporate career for the call of her heart, she incepted a socio – economic initiative Earthly Creations. Earthly Creations is a terracotta pottery line where the pots and sculptures are made under the supervision of Harpreet. She personally takes care of the colour, design, and texture and mud quality for the same, wherein she endeavored the following – a list of many fists.

  • Giving a new thought, direction to the way gardening is done in the country – from merely green lawns, bushes, hedges and round pots to creating a piece of art by having animal and bird shaped pots, water bodies, hangings and danglers.
  • Creations where aesthetics, functionality and value are seamlessly integrated- an experience of amazement and wonderment
  • In creating animals and birds from alphas a-z, and creating thematic parks, the endeavor was to sensitize the young child by feeling these creations, so that they can acre better for them, when they grow up.
  • Generating a sustainable and scalable employment for potters who had given up their traditional arts to be a daily wage labor – thereby withering away the rich cultural heritage of India. Presently 40 potter families that have been adopted wherein all their basic needs of sustenance, education and evolution are being addressed comprehensively at earthly creations.


  • Initiating the way gifts and giveaways are done – from mere transactional to sharing a pot with a plant – at corporate felicitations, sports and annual day meets, school functions, festival and return gifts with the motto – Love an animal, gift a plant now and always.
  • Creation of thematic parks at various corporate offices, residential complexes, clubs where in the garden is transformed as an art piece.

While its laudable to implement initiatives in promoting hygiene, education, woman empowerment, health, critical is to equip the lesser haves with an economic model that uses effectively their traditional skills, local resources, exalts them to innovate better, faster, guarantees their economic need meet up, while squarely addressing their education,  growth  and curbing the social malice of female infanticide, education- a model that earthly creations has steadfast adopted extremely successfully.

Inviting corporate, business houses, Sports associations, Clubs, individuals to help taking this initiative to new heights by

  • Adopting an animal/ plant in pot shape so that one can educate the masses to preserve them
  • Creating of thematic parks/ green areas where this animal/bird shaped pots and other garden decorations can be displayed as a cherished experience.
  • Greening of the board rooms, canteens, work areas where in these creations with plants lend a touch of sensitivity and freshness across spectrum.
  • Festivals, personal functions, annual meets, employee felicitations- creations can be effectively used as carry homes – a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

The pricing of the pots is also kept economical so that the process of adopting and preserving is made easier and acceptable by all. Earthly Creations is kick starting to its business up to a complete new standard to make the place look more beautiful with nature cap on their heads.

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