Dress to Impress when at Work

1You may dress to kill when going out for a date but often that ugly thing called “laziness” traps you when getting ready for work in the morning. Yes, we understand the daily battles but it’s all worth it to flaunt your style and create a fashion statement. What better way than accessorizing sensibly. It adds a lasting impression even if you are donning your regular formal wear. It helps accentuate and focus on the precious gems.

Here are a few tips we would like to offer all the working women out there on how to accessorize minimally and make an impact:


Enhance, not exaggerate: Garnishing your outfit with subtle jewellery helps the tones and structures of an outfit standout. Keep it elegant and sleek with minimal jewellery. It could be delicate diamond studs or pearls for those who want to explore less expensive options.


Infuse your personality: Statement pieces can be achieved with simple jewellery like studs, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Layering two simple chains, adding your favorite charm pendants to bracelets, nice cufflinks and brooches to go with your shirt are all out-of-the-box ideas which are all a clever injection of your interests.


Less is more: When it comes to work jewellery, minimal is good. And for all the working married woman who don’t want to quit wearing tanmaniyas (mangalsutra) to work, there are tanmaniyas available these days which are stylish and sleek and don’t look over the top.


Say yes to patterns: Complement the everyday go-to ring with a midi ring, a perfectly-fitted bracelet and carry an intricately designed office bag to add a touch of oomph.

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