These dragon eyebrows are latest fashion trend to follow !

Well, if you are bored of feather eyebrows and want something crazy, then these dragon eyebrows are the latest sensation for fashion lovers out there.

The process of making such eyebrows involves carefully shaping the brow into six little triangles so that it gives the appearance of spikes just like on the mythical creature’s back.

And if you are worried how they will look, then Instagram is all flooded with such looks that can be at your rescue in case of any doubt.

A 23-year-old make-up artist from Oregon who goes by the name Harlibi on Instagram is the reason behind this laest beauty buzz in the world. She came up with this idea when she was playing Skyrim, a mythical Xbox game and the spines of the dragons in the game gave her the idea to spike her brows.

Harlibi was inspired to experiment after seeing the recent feather and barbed wire trends.

Here are the links to try out this style

☰DRAGON BROW☰ I don't know why my original caption disappeared but here's a second go This is a weird brow look I did today. The eyelashes are by @elfcosmetics and they were a complete disaster – I definitely won't be purchasing these again but I was too lazy to change them today I was inspired to do another fun, weird brow look after being inspired by the recent creations of ***If you don't like this look, that's totally fine. It was a fun artsy-fartsy look so don't get your panties in a wad I do delete spam, rude, or useless comments in order to promote good conversation. Only good vibes are welcome here ✌ #dragonbrows #eotd #eyeoftheday #eyemakeup #eye #messy #featherbrows #eyebrows #beautytrends #cosmetics #fashion #fashionphotography #makeupartist #mua #glossyeyes #green #bblogger #makeupmafia #slave2beauty #lotd #motd #instamakeup #instabeauty #instaglam #glam #makeupporn #makeupbyme #colourpop #ilovemakeup #love

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New Insta trend: Dragon Brows #dragonbrows. Eyebrow concept by @harlibi. Video on

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