#DontBeAMan Series Totally Throws Light to the Latent Adversity of Every Man

The folks at The Seesaw Project spoke to Consultant Psychiatrist at Hinduja and Sir HN Reliance Hospital, Dr Kersi Chavda, who said, “In terms of suicides, what often gets ignored is what strikes at the kernel of the masculine-feminine divide… a myth one has to ‘live up’ to the role dictated by gender. This causes depression and trauma, and death is often seen as the only way to survive. Gender behavior is a myth, and a different behavior, liking or mindset, is not necessarily a wrong one.”

In this beautiful series of eye-opening and though-provoking captions with equally stunning illustrations, here’s a toast to all the men who despite being suffered and dragged to chain themselves into a mortgage or debt or loan, we care for you.

Take a look at these amazing creatives:







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