DJ Ruchir, the EDM Power house to perform at The Beer Cafe

The Beer Cafe’s Friday Frenzy is a day to look forward to enjoy music, beers and grubs. Hop in to enjoy a mesmerizing experience with a performance by DJ Ruchir every Friday, starting from 18th November.

The Beer Café aims to bring you the best live performances in the city and they have brought in DJ Ruchir. He has performed at Sahara star, J.W.Marriott, Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt among others.

Enjoy your weekend with beers, grubs and fusion music. Enjoy the ambience, food & drinks to ease up and enjoy the night filled up with music.


Ruchir Kulkarni’ is a young talent from Mumbai. At the age of 24, he has completed 9 prominent years in Djing & is a self trained DJ. Ruchir had a keen interest in music since childhood. A keen interest in keyboard and an early career spinning House & Bollywood music evolved into an unbridled passion for Music Production.

When : 18th November, 2016

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