Dear Future Husband, Propose us like this!

There is something really magical about proposals. From the really simple ones to the grand and elaborate ones, they are all equally sweet, heartwarming and perfect! Haven’t we all dreamt of how our own proposal would be like? Of course we have! And we have probably recreated it in our heads over a million times! Here are a few movie proposals which are adorable and will make you go “Aww!”

Yeh Jawani hai Deewani


When he arrives at Naina’s doorstep with balloons and a cake and then proposes to her with a cadbury eclair and a fake ring, it is totally a moment that could melt us!

27 Dresses


We imagine falling in love with our prince charming…but what happens when you fall in love with someone who is the exact opposite? It took her some time but when Jane finally realizes that she has actually fallen for Kevin, she gate crashes the wedding he is covering for his newspaper, gets up on the stage and confesses her love in front of strangers. It couldn’t have been better! 🙂

Friends with Benefits


Ah! Ironic name now, isn’t it?! But it was the most beautiful thing when Dylan planned a whole flash mob for her as she stood bewildered as the crowd around her danced. And Dylan, from right across her, mouthed every word of the song that was special for them. Then he got down on his knee, and proposed in the most adorable way!

He’s Just Not That Into You


Yes, he is! Beth goes to throw out those pants but as she puts her hand in the pocket, she finds a ring inside it. When she turns around she finds Ben down on his knee, and then he proposes in the simplest but heartfelt way which will make you WISH you were in Beth’s place!


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