De-Stress your mind in easy steps

Stop, drop, and rollout of whatever it is you’re doing immediately — Too often, when we’re stressed, we want to dive even deeper into the overwhelm to relieve a bit of the to do list pressure. However, our mind’s tend to be so unfocused and flustered, that these are the times where we really need to practice some separation to better reprioritize.

Take a walk — When we’re learning how to best disconnect, removing our eyes from technology and the tasks that are stressing us out, talking a breather in the great outdoors can reinvigorate the soul and help us come back to the situation more clear.


Let yourself listen to your favorite song — Recent studies prove that music has an emotional effect on our mood, so allowing yourself to dive into an uplifting song can be a quick uplifter to put your mind back in the right direction.


Drink water and nourish your body — Think about the foods you have (or haven’t) consumed that day. Are they nourishing your body and mind? Are they depleting you of the energy you so greatly crave and need to remain calm? Pour a tall glass of filtered water and eat a snack with some lean protein and good fats and you’ll be feeling fine in no time flat!

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