De-Stress your Cluttered Space

As we all know, stress takes a major toll on one’s health. Increased risks of heart disease, depression, and obesity are all consequences of an over-stressed lifestyle—not to mention aggravated chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, and insomnia.


While you can’t change the world we live in, you can get better at dealing with stress, especially when it comes to those stressors that have their root right in your home. These easy tips will help you get from overloaded and overwhelmed to calm Zen master without moving heaven and earth in between

Open the Blinds


A little sunlight in an otherwise dim apartment or home can significantly boost your health and outlook, according to a report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. They cite a study performed on prison inmates where a control group was allowed access to natural light and a nice view.

Invest in Comfy bedding


Speaking of sleep and how important it is, you’ll get a lot more of it if you like where you’re doing it. Clean, breathable, Egyptian cotton is ideal for bedding, with a soft, comfortable duvet for chillier nights. As for your mattress, it should be firm enough to hold your weight without being too stiff or resistant.

Green Décor


It is found that green spaces often reflect positivity and helps to focus better. Houseplants do more than just look pretty. They demonstrated stress-relieving benefits in one Dutch study of hospital rooms—plus, certain species are natural air purifiers that can reduce the level of harmful toxins throughout the home.

Practice Mindful Meditation


A new form of meditation allows you to de-clutter your mind from all things alien and disturbing which helps to collectively form focus and increase concentration. So, ditch that gym and practice mindful meditation for peace of mind, body and soul.


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