Dance to the tunes of monsoon symphony

Let’s welcome the heavenly rains finally paving their way to the national capital and providing a sigh of relief to all of us. As the rains took a toll, don’t forget to put your dancing shoes on! Well, we got you just the lightest and jelliest pair of footwear to strap on and get your game strong.

While we’re here crushing on these oh-so-rainbow colors on our feet, we can’t stop loving the 90’s comeback. Oh yes, even in the footwear! So, take your shopping bag out and splurge on these cute monsoon beauties which will accompany you all season long.

To play it edgy and stand out at your workplace, ditch those flats and invest in a good pair of rubber-jelly mix wedges. Trendy yet comfortable is what you NEED this monsoon to get those heads turning 😉


Gumboots is another clever investment during monsoon to prevent inevitable epidemic from attacking you. Also, they make you look sexy as ever and notch up the hotness quotient too! So, pack yourself right before heading out in the bizarre rainy weather. Happy Monsoon folks!

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