Creative ways to use your Empty Beer Bottles

We all waste our fresh salaries on the yummy treats for that happening Saturday night to make some gross awkward stories. *phew*.  We all go through this phase but worry not, it’s the natural phenomena. Why not turn your useless beer bottles lying on the racks of your shelf to some good use? We tell you how to reuse and refurbish your home with these pretty bottles.


Cut the base of the beer bottles and use them as a wind chime. They produce soothing sounds.



It’s easier to make beer candles than you ever think.




What about hanging them upside down for a fancy chandelier your guests will admire.




Just wrap them with a wool thread and use them as a decorative piece




Cut the glass into two halves for an awesome mug/cup or a goblet




Paint the beer bottles into different colors for an artsy affair at your living room




Let beer decide your schedule, use it to make a wall clock


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